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"Everything looks great! I'm on cloud 9."
"I'm so happy with the website. It looks great!...Thanks so much!!"

-Colleen from

"Thank you ever so much for all of your help!  Not only do we now have virus protection and a less "clunky" computer, but we learned a great deal during your visit!  It was a truly great experience!"


"I had a screen problem with my 4 year old lap top about a year ago. About a week earlier I found Stephen's business card in my mailbox. I figured what the heck, give the guy a call. He picked up the computer and diagnosed the problem as a bad wire. Only 4 Bucks. His charge was $20. I could not even get the guy to except a $20 tip. Great service, honest guy and I am glad he is a neighbor if I have any future problems."

-Jim Buckley

"Stephen Kaiser of Stephen Kaiser LLC is a very knowledgeable computer guy. He has helped develop our Jet Fan website. He was there for our company when we got a serious virus that shut our website down. He had it up and running within 24 hours. He has helped on the design and product pricing on our website.
Stephen is hardworking, honest, and courteous. Those are qualities that are hard to find in today's business world. We highly recommend him."

-Jet Fan Installations Villa Park IL
Jeff Tideman Manager
Ph# 630-834-9165

"Steve Kaiser worked on my computer fixing a number of problems. He got my email program to run much more efficiently. Steve was fair and ethical in all our business dealings. We trust him 100%"

-Jetex Inc
Ph# 630-327-3853






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